From Zero to Zero gauge……

Last week was filled with many interesting genital work, from pearling and ampallangs to stretching a triangle and vertical hood. I wish I could share them here but I have yet to add a private 18 and over gallery yet. Not sure I will but all these will be in my portfolio in studio.

On the lighter side of things, a zero gauge lobe scalpelling ……….

I have yet to see the result of this removal but here are the before and after shots of a keloid removal on a conch piercing. The keloid was approximately 3/8” . I have successfully removed them before but a few times they managed to grow back . I advised my client that continuing to wear jewelry will increase the chances of the tissue reforming and suggessted he not wear anything and even go back down in size to eliminate any stress on the new tissue. I should hear about how it’s healing soon I hope.

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