The Nasallang Piercing..

I haven’t done one of these since 1994. This is the second one I’ve ever done  and was the highlight of my day!


This piercing was done with a  22mm 14g internally threaded barbell that passes through the nostril – through the septum cartilidge and out the other nostril in one shot. I do this piercing relatively slow, approximately 8 – 10 seconds so I can feel each layer of tissue as the needle passes through.

I don’t want to pierce to quickly because the needle could burr after passing through the cartlidge and cause the exit hole to tear. There are too many layers of tissue to pass through and I have found that many piercings that have had trouble healing and/or have developed hypertrophic scarring around the hole’s edges usually result from tearing on the exit of the needle from piercing to quickly.

As I pierced this Nasallang, I literally felt each layer as the needle passed and could allow the tissue time to respond and accept the needle rather than force it through. She really remained calm and focused while breathing along with the momentum of the piercing. She really knew what she was getting into and was prepared to get the piercing done regardless and she did extremely well, now we just have to see how the healing goes. She’ll be due for a check-up in two to three weeks in which there will be follow up photos.



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