Highlights from dismal Year.

It is truly hard to pick only a few of the plethora of projects I have been fortunate to work on this year but these are a few that showcase my preference and blended aspects of what I love to incorporate into my work.

I truly hope that going into 2021 we will see truths emerge and a life we all once knew and lived return to a way that we can be happy again.

Hoping for a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone

Thanks for looking

Kevin’s Sleeve….

Wrapped up this sleeve earlier this week for Kevin. (NOTE* The tree and minimalist design NOT BY ME!) Click thru for more….

Thanks for looking

Tatouage Magazine

So honoured and humbled to have a feature in this magazine. Dream come true.

Thank you so much Mikael depoissy for the invite and to Alex for your incredible patience and professionalism with the interview.

Tequila on me next time I get over to France.

Like A Rock!

Thank you Marie Pierre for sitting so awesome for this long session. Big day on this leg sleeve layout and more to come next session. I really want acknowledge a huge percentage of my clients for being so rad and sitting through the long sessions and toughing it out when it gets to be taxing, bravo, in my mind you’ve earned your tattoo ten fold.

This is the start of a complete ornamental sleeve that will wrap the whole arm.

Part one done. Merci Marie-Eve!