Re-birth of An Angel……

I was very intriqed to have been a part of this project which was three years in the making. My client had first gone to an artist in Australia to have wings branded on her back to cover up existing scars from an accident. Amazingly the branding took well to her skin and she had very prominent scar developement, however, a little over a year later the design was not consistent which is when she was referred to me for a consultation to see what I could do to even out the inconsistencies of the scars. We met a few more times and discussed the procedure of scarification, since I do not perform branding due to the lack of detail that can be obtained, I invited to her to consider re-doing it via scarification because with  it would be  possible to have more precise linework and detail.

We finally agreed on the techniques I would be using and set an appointment to re-cut the lines to further bring out and enhance the scars. This was done in two seperate sessions and the result we were aiming for was achieved. I suggested that she continue on  further enhancing the piece to be more alive and directed her to a tattooist I used to work with years ago who worked in her hometown to add to her conveinence. She had two sessions of tattooing done by my friend Barry Buteau and what he came up with colour wise just blew me away when she returned to visit me with her new artwork.

This began a series of other scarification/tattoo projects that I continue to pursue with my clients and push the bodyart forms further into incredible pieces of art.