Five Years Later……

My client Maxime came to me to have a scar done on his back that reads “ANXIOUS” and a year or two later I implanted a magnetic implant in his finger. So nice to see this scar five years later and to watch one of his party tricks.

Today we laid out our second session on this blackwork hexagon geometric sleeve. So much more to do but we’re off to a great start.

(1/2 the black is healed from the 1st session)

Curse In The Woods!!!!

This past summer I had the honour of working with Jinni for her new video of her band CURSE IN THE WOODS. This was a performance art scarification piece and was done in a one shot only seven minute run.I have to give big props to Jinni for her courage and strength and to the crew that gave their time to allow this project to come together, awesome time, awesome people and what more can I say?She was a pleasure to work with and I am truly grateful to have been a participant in her work. THANK YOU JIJI!!!!!


Aesop’s Fable Scar Healing Phase.

I’m liking how this one is turning out.





Once this one is all healed and raised we’re going to tattoo highlights to give it more of an edge.

Xalt Magazine Feature

I would have liked to submit some of my preferred work but was at the mercy of my computer, had too much trouble uploading my portfolio so I just had a bunch sent off and let them choose. Any press is good press so they say…





Open Wrist…

Too busy to update lately, stood out in the cold all day for the St”Paddy’s parade and now feeling worse for wear.
Found a picture of some wrist scars I did a few years ago all healed and blown out. I think I won’t peel wrists anymore, don’t like the way the scar blew out here, I much prefer when scars heal clean, more like fine line.

Blood Print Diamonds…

A few years ago on one of my many guest trips I had the opportunity to Scar one of my coworkers a nice set of diamonds on his shoulders. Theres some pictures of that procedure in the scarification gallery. Almost everytime I do a scar I like to make a print with the paper towel of the scar in progress, sometimes it looks cool and sometimes it turns out to muddled.

After I finished with his scar, I made a print and he kept it for the past five years!! I was really surprised to see it hold up and not disintegrate. I’ve made more but unsure if anyone has held on to them as long as my friend has.