Portrait of a Self Memorial and an Anonymous Aesthetic Beheading,


Légende du visuel : Portrait of a Self Memorial and an Anonymous Aesthetic Beheading, artiste : Michelle Lacombe,  scarification : Azl Golanski,  photo : Rémi Thériault ©


Aesop’s Fable Scar Healing Phase.

I’m liking how this one is turning out.





Once this one is all healed and raised we’re going to tattoo highlights to give it more of an edge.

Xalt Magazine Feature

I would have liked to submit some of my preferred work but was at the mercy of my computer, had too much trouble uploading my portfolio so I just had a bunch sent off and let them choose. Any press is good press so they say…





Gallery Program

Just received the gallery program that features on the cover the scar that was done as a performance art piece curated by the talented Michelle Lacombe. Now if only they spelt our names correctly.





Old business cards

Found some of my old business cards from the various studios I’ve worked out of over the years. I haven’t had a business card for quite some time now because it’s just not as functional as word of mouth.

Walk With Me….

Unfortunately I didn’t seem to get a really good picture of this scar I did tonight, but with any luck the follow up scar picture will do this justice.  The stencil leftovers that weren’t cut are to be tattooed at a later date by me and both feet will be involved in the final outcome of this project.

First stage,..here goes….from initial sketch outline to stencil and cutting….more to come.


Wendy, you did good, can’t wait for the next session…

The stencil parts that weren’t cut will be tattooed and most likely with many little added effects that can only be achieved with tattooing..very fun project!!