Back From A Much Needed Vacation

and right back into the swing of things with a little torn lobe repair and a three-week old healing Eye Of Horus scarification. Could of used two or days by the ocean but all in all it’s good to be working.





Scar/Tattoo project

After a few years now of having a scar backpiece – we decided to begin adding highlights in and around the scar to deifine it more and give it some texture. There’s still a few sessions to go until I can say this project is complete but for now I’m enjoying the process of watching it come to life and finally doing the entire piece myself, scar and tattoo.

Aesthetic Beheading

These are some great stills from a performance art piece I was fortunate to have been invited to participate in this past February. Each time I look at the photos I am reminded of a profound experience I shared not only as a scarification artist but as a human being. I invite you to follow the highlighted links to Michelle’s blog to hear in her words what the performance and project embodied and may you find yourself intrigued.

It has been many  years since I have been involved with or participated in performance art and I was truly blown away to have been involved with this particular performance. I loved the concept, the stillness and power of the whole piece and yet can barely describe my insights beyond that.

I met some great people that afternoon and a big kudos out to Michelle for having me as a participant, to Remi Theriault for his laid back attitude and keen eye and for the audience who after the performance shared some incredible insights with me about the piece and only proved to make me really proud to have been involved.

It seems the link is broken for the time being so try typing in your url …

I will double check with the artist to see why her link may not be working at the moment.

Walk With Me….

Unfortunately I didn’t seem to get a really good picture of this scar I did tonight, but with any luck the follow up scar picture will do this justice.  The stencil leftovers that weren’t cut are to be tattooed at a later date by me and both feet will be involved in the final outcome of this project.

First stage, goes….from initial sketch outline to stencil and cutting….more to come.


Wendy, you did good, can’t wait for the next session…

The stencil parts that weren’t cut will be tattooed and most likely with many little added effects that can only be achieved with tattooing..very fun project!!


Healed picture of the circle scarification session from last month….

More peeling pictures from a scar I did last night to be posted tomorrow………it’s part of a collaborative scar/tattoo 3d project I’m working on.

Skin Peel Star Scarification……

To finish up a great and busy work week at the shop I did this scar last night at the end of the day. Outlines of the stars were peeled away. She couldn’t have chosen a better spot to work on which made my job so much easier. She’ll be back in a week to let me take some healing pic’s.

Corset Scarification….(Part 1)

This was one of the best scarification sessions I have been fortunate enough to participate in. I am truly stoked to have been asked to do this piece, I love it so much I kinda wish I had done it on myself  first!!

There will be a second session to complete the torso and form a unique scarified corset sometime in the next week and a half. The sooner the better so they can heal almost at an even pace. My client was incredibly endearing and highly interesting, always cool to learn more about people and I am just blown away to be a part of this project.

In the beginning………..,

My client had brought me several designs as reference which at first was daunting, just for the sake of how I was going to create a piece that would flow naturally with his ribs and not be to intricate, busy and flat. Given that I had a few weeks to come up with something I played around with a few designs but nothing seemed to be working the way I pictured in my head. When I draw for scars I am drawing with the image of the scar healed and how the skin looks rather than what is being sketched out on paper. Finally I had put together something to present him at our scheduled rdv.

 I usually draw designs with alot of curves reminiscent of tibetan art as I find this style very compatible with most body types and this is what I drew for him, a very curvy flowing pattern broken up into four different patterns. He looked over the design very thoughtfuly and picked apart what he liked and what he did not, and at that moment I knew exactly how I was going to put this piece together. Ideally this design was to blend in with the large surgery scars and now that I see it finished, I think it blends really well. Feel free to leave a comment.

 I remembered to make a blood print of  the scar after I was finished as you can see in the last picture following by the completed scar.

Part 2 coming very soon…………