Aesop’s Fable Scar Healing Phase.

I’m liking how this one is turning out.





Once this one is all healed and raised we’re going to tattoo highlights to give it more of an edge.

Xalt Magazine Feature

I would have liked to submit some of my preferred work but was at the mercy of my computer, had too much trouble uploading my portfolio so I just had a bunch sent off and let them choose. Any press is good press so they say…





Keloid Removal


Before and after shots of a KELOID removal I did tonight. There is a small chance that it could grow back because I wasn’t able to dig deep enough into the ear to remove all the excited tissue due to the fact that the keloid was leaning heavily on the outer wall of the interior fistula – the piercing hole, and just to be careful enough to retain the stretched piercing with-out losing the original diameter of the healed stretch.

As seen in the first picture my client is wearing an acrylic stretcher, talon whatever you want to call it, it needed to be replaced with a sterile 316 lvm s.s. tunnel to facilitate healing as his previous jewelry could not be left in place for fear of possible contamination to the new wound.

Most times when I remove a Keloid I don’t have to use sutures but in this particular case I chose to conceal the wound as much as possible so it will heal quickly with less vulnerability. Follow up pictures within a week or so.

Frenulum removal

As you can see in the first two pictures, his tongue web is quite pronounced and tight.  I had to make sure not to cut too much

List of images in Gray's Anatomy: XII. Surface...
List of images in Gray’s Anatomy: XII. Surface anatomy and Surface Markings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

due to the elastic tension of the frenulum , if the cut is too deep it will blow wide open and be very difficult to suture back.

I will take the sutures out either saturday or monday and will post follow up pictures of the healing process which is generally very quick with the right aftercare regime.

A quick note of the function of this procedure. removing the frenulum DOES NOT make the tongue longer, it only allows more upward mobility and less stress tension.