Worth the Wait….

Finally after almost a year this piece found a home!

Merci Elysa. Thank you for your trust.

Side by Side In The Blend….

The ornate Dotwork shoulder piece is done by another artist and today I added along side it a peony collaged with a mandala.

Leslie was really great working with you on this piece, all around fun client and thank you for your trust!

Tattoo Nouvelle-Ere MTL

Mtl Tattoo with whom I am a resident artist will be hosting it’s first annual international tattoo convention on May 26-28th, 2017.

This event will be held at the DIX30 Spin skatepark on the south shore of Montreal.

This is promising to showcase current and developing trends within the tattoo profession at a new level changing the way most conventions operate with new and popular events that promise to raise the bar from the average same old same old convention format.

More information will be coming very soon.

Visit Nouvelle ere for artist info and event details.

I am personally super stoked to participate in this event and hope to see you there.

Happy New Year

A look back on some of many fun tattoos from 2014. Thank you so much to all who have followed, supported and inspired me on this journey. I look forward to a new year of new projects and creative endeavours to share with old and new clients.
I’m very grateful for all the trust and support and with that I wish you a safe, loving and extraordinary new year!!!!
See ya in 2015!!


Star Peeling Update…

I got a nice surprise the other day at work when my client came by to show me her scarification I did on her a few months ago. I really love how this one has risen up.



Haven’t been very active with updates lately, just finished moving and have been mourning the loss of yet another friend. I really feel that” Carpe Diem” is a motto to live by because even though we all say it that life is too short, are we really getting the most out of it? Something to think about……

On another positive note, The new and improved website for MTL TATTOO & TATOOATOUAGE is finally up and running and looking killer swank! check it out here www.tatooatouage.com