Kevin’s Sleeve….

Wrapped up this sleeve earlier this week for Kevin. (NOTE* The tree and minimalist design NOT BY ME!) Click thru for more….

Thanks for looking

Hand mandala for Gab…..

Always fun to tattoo a friend and co worker. Thank you Gab for all the help you have done with bookings.

Trippin Galactic Blast Over….

The top Mandala is a blast over and the rest is based on a drawing I did.

Last One of the Year…

Just wrapped up my last convention of the year in Ottawa-Gatineau.

Thank you to the clients who came to get tattooed, wish we had better luck with the stencil machine which compels me to invest in my own so I never run into problems again. So sorry Cole, I owe you one.

Work in Progress….

Really looking forward to putting in more hours on this back piece in progress.

Thanks for looking.

Millions of Dots……..

Merci Guillaume, great working on your sleeve and thank you very much for that limited bottle of Laphroaig!

More Healed and Progress..

Another healed pic of this detailed dot work mandala and a line work version of the same one to continue on this sleeve in progress.