Mandala Neck Filler…

Thanks again Gab for your trust and for doing this for your birthday.

All the best my friend.

Kevin’s Sleeve….

Wrapped up this sleeve earlier this week for Kevin. (NOTE* The tree and minimalist design NOT BY ME!) Click thru for more….

Thanks for looking

The Blend…..

Fresh mandala background to collaborate with the work of my co worker @sarahjadetattoos

The mandala will become very subtle and light once it heals, can’t wait for the healed picture.

Thanks for looking!

And the Beat Goes On….

More work today on this sleeve for Dominique with more to come soon.

Symmetry ….

Over a year later we finally got to complete these symmetric dotwork mandalas to blend into her forearm pieces. left one fully healed and the fresh one on the right.

Thank you Vanessa! Always nice to work with you.

Hand mandala for Gab…..

Always fun to tattoo a friend and co worker. Thank you Gab for all the help you have done with bookings.

Trippin Galactic Blast Over….

The top Mandala is a blast over and the rest is based on a drawing I did.