Her First……,,,

First off I have to acknowledge all my previous clients whom I have had the honour of doing thier first tattoo, thank you so much!!

Today I tattooed a young lady’s first tattoo on her thigh and looking back at this tattoo at the end of a long day I just have to say that I am so humbled and honoured that my work continues to lead me to make small impacts on peoples lives. All I can think about is what my client thinks about before arriving for their appointment, that excitement and the knowing that this moment they dreamt about is now culminating into a really real moment that they will never forget. How cool is that !  I think of that before every tattoo , that excitement and nervousness that my client’s go through just before they are ready to make the next step.

I am truly grateful for this outlet that allows me to be creative and artistic and for the ones that allow me to participate in providing that avenue to be self expressed.

You make it all worth it thank you!!