Star Peeling Update…

I got a nice surprise the other day at work when my client came by to show me her scarification I did on her a few months ago. I really love how this one has risen up.



Haven’t been very active with updates lately, just finished moving and have been mourning the loss of yet another friend. I really feel that” Carpe Diem” is a motto to live by because even though we all say it that life is too short, are we really getting the most out of it? Something to think about……

On another positive note, The new and improved website for MTL TATTOO & TATOOATOUAGE is finally up and running and looking killer swank! check it out here


Healed pictureĀ of the circle scarification session from last month….

More peeling pictures from a scar I did last night to be posted tomorrow………it’s part of a collaborative scar/tattoo 3d project I’m working on.

Corset Scarification Part 2…………..

I finished the corset scar last night. This session was a half hour shorter than the first one. I’m really happy with the overall look of this piece and I am very impressed with how well the line work is shaping up. I wanted to keep this piece very fine line so when it is completely healed down the road it will add a subtle delicateness to the body.

I find that it really blends well with the natural flow of the ribcage and compliments well. One of my favourite scar sessions to date!