Trippin Galactic Blast Over….

The top Mandala is a blast over and the rest is based on a drawing I did.

Around the Bend…..

Had the pleasure of adding a mandala from my latest series of new flash filled with a soon to fade to pale flower of life pattern to complete this forearm piece for Suzie.

The key tattoo is not by me. Thanks for looking.

Two Sleeves…..

The now completed sleeves.

Like A Rock!

Thank you Marie Pierre for sitting so awesome for this long session. Big day on this leg sleeve layout and more to come next session. I really want acknowledge a huge percentage of my clients for being so rad and sitting through the long sessions and toughing it out when it gets to be taxing, bravo, in my mind you’ve earned your tattoo ten fold.

Work in Progress….

Really looking forward to putting in more hours on this back piece in progress.

Thanks for looking.

Millions of Dots……..

Merci Guillaume, great working on your sleeve and thank you very much for that limited bottle of Laphroaig!

More Healed and Progress..

Another healed pic of this detailed dot work mandala and a line work version of the same one to continue on this sleeve in progress.

Healed sleeve on An awesome client!