Built to Blend….

Thank you Dominique for a fun dotwork background project.

The colour piece is by a very talented montreal tattoo artist @hansdeslauriers that I spliced together with geometrical dot work.

And the Beat Goes On….

More work today on this sleeve for Dominique with more to come soon.

Chest Panel Part one….

I worked on this fellows sleeve a few years ago and now we’re adding on to that sleeve with a chest plate. Just the mandala for now with background next time.

Thank you Viet for being such a great client to work with and sitting so good.

Symmetry ….

Over a year later we finally got to complete these symmetric dotwork mandalas to blend into her forearm pieces. left one fully healed and the fresh one on the right.

Thank you Vanessa! Always nice to work with you.

Montreal Nouvelle Ere Tattoo Convention

Another fun and intimate good vibe convention with many talented artists and great people. This years convention was the third annual held at the Salon Richmond in Griffintown in a church.

Thank you to Pascale and Genevieve for hosting this and to all the people behind the scenes who made it all possible.

Cottage 13 Guest Spot 2019

Just finished a two quickie guest spot with the fine folks at COTTAGE 13 tattoo and piercing in my old digs Hamilton.

Perfect relaxing and fun tattooing before the big weekend in Toronto for the N.I.X. Toronto tattoo convention. I am fully booked for the weekend and can’t wait to get down to business.

This was the last one done during my guest spot. Thanks for looking.

Good session…

Thank you Celine for making the trip down to Montreal and letting me have fun with this project.

Healed and fresh work .

Hand mandala for Gab…..

Always fun to tattoo a friend and co worker. Thank you Gab for all the help you have done with bookings.

Trippin Galactic Blast Over….

The top Mandala is a blast over and the rest is based on a drawing I did.