3-D Scarification/Tattoo projects

I’ll start off with a leg piece that was completed a few months ago by myself and co-worker Cedric. This was our second collaborative scar/tattoo piece we’ve done together and the following sleeve is our third of many more to come. Originally the  cherry blossom leg piece was to blend in existing scars with a more artistic pattern with lots of movement and detail and no thought of tattooing in the rest of the negative space.

christine leg

The first session outline  was done in 3 hours  and several months later I met with my client for pictures of the healed design and it was during this meeting we began to consider the details of tattooing the piece to bring it even more to life as this project was in essence just about that, Life!

A few months later she had her appointment with Cedric and the second half of the piece had begun. Cedric finished the tattooing in three sessions and  just over a year and a half  later the project had culminated in the form of a stunning 3-D work of art.



I really enjoy projects like these. Not only does the scar become something more than just a scar,It really just comes alive!

Below is another project we are working on, well my part is finished and Cedric has either one or two sessions left until the piece will be finished. Her next appointment is set before July, so by mid to late July I should have the final photos of the finished work.

This piece has been almost two years in the making and has involved three scarification sessions, the inital outline followed by two touch-ups to remark any lines that didn’t quite lift or set right. The elbow is one of the most difficult spots not only for tattooing but cutting as well so I had to really work at it hard. From the get go I had invited her to consider tattooing the design after the scars were healed because this particular design seemed to need it in order for it to make any sense. The line work was just too bland and really needed to be brought out in a way that wasn’t there, in fact I think I may have even subconsciously  known that it would need to be tattooed when i first began the cutting.

I am truly blown away by the colour choices cedric has chosen to highlight the design and find that it keeps it very femine  and gentle as was the client’s request. I am so happy with the way this piece is turning out and can’t wait for the final session to be completed.