Funny How What I was Thinking…..

Only seems to be a constant conversation or chatter that distracts from the perspective of just being.

The present moment is all that matters and it is funny when you take the time to listen, really listen , a clarity appears in a way that I am not able to describe in words – it just has to be experienced! 

Much love and in the beautiful words of the Tragically Hip – let’s get friendship right!!!!

This is borrowed from a insightful webpage that I feel visiting will arouse and stimulate something in you, much love and peace!!

The website is ZENTHINKING and after reading many posts I feel like I can identify with with the direction of this kind soul!

Memes and paragraphs with positive words can be very overlooked, especially when you are only looking to be entertained. 

Mirrors come in many shapes and forms and pretty much always reflect what is presented, thing is, how long do you or we or myself ignore???

Thanks for looking! 

Sri Yantra

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Yantra MeditationAs you look at the yantra, allow your eyes to focus on its center. This dot in the center is called the Bindu, which represents the unity that underlies all the diversity of the physical world.

Now allow your eyes to see the triangle that encloses the bindu. The downward pointing triangle represents the feminine creative power, while the upward facing triangle represents male energy.

Allow your vision to expand to include the circles outside of the triangles. They represent the cycles of cosmic rhythms. The image of the circle embodies the notion that time has no beginning and no end. The farthest region of space and the innermost nucleus of an atom both pulsate with the same rhythmic energy of creation. That rhythm is within you and without you.

Bring your awareness to lotus petals outside the circle. Notice that they are pointing outwards, as if opening. They illustrate the unfolding of our understanding. The lotus also represents the heart, the seat of the Self. When the heart opens, understanding comes.

The square at the outside of the yantra represents the world of form, the material world that our senses show us, the illusion of separateness, of well defined edges and boundaries. At the periphery of the figure are four T-shaped portals, or gateways. Notice that they point toward the interior of the yantra, the inner spaces of life. They represent our earthly passage from the external and material to the internal and sacred.

Now take a moment to gaze into the yantra, letting the different shapes and patterns emerge naturally, allowing your eyes to be held loosely in focus. Gaze at the center of the yantra on the page. Without moving your eyes, gradually begin to expand your field of vision. Continue expanding your vision until you are taking in information from greater than 180 degrees. Notice that all this information was there all along, you just became aware of it. Now slowly reverse the process by re-focusing back to the center of the yantra. Now gently close your eyes. You may still see the yantra in your mind’s eye. The patterns of creativity represented by these primordial shapes express the fundamental forces of nature. They govern the world and they govern you.


I love what I just read! grounded again and timing couldn’t be better!

”Does the drop of seawater believe it is the entire ocean?”

Does the drop of seawater believe it is the entire ocean? – See more at:
Does the drop of seawater believe it is the entire ocean? – See more at:
Does the drop of seawater believe it is the entire ocean? – See more at:

The False Guru Test


TAKE THE FALSE GURU TEST. If seven or more of the following describes your guru or spiritual teacher, then unfortunately he or she may not be be as enlightened or good for your soul as you would like to believe:

1.States his or her own enlightenment: The wisest masters tend not to state their own enlightenment or perfection for they know that it is both unhelpful to themselves and to their students. The false teachers often make this claim because they have little else on offer to attract followers.

2.Is unable to take criticism: False teachers strongly dislike either personal criticism or criticism of their teaching; they do not take kindly to ordinary unenlightened individuals questioning them. They or their organisations will even undertake multi-million dollar law suits to stop ex-members from spilling the beans.

3.Acts omnipotently with no accountability: Some spiritual communities are run like concentration camps, with guru and his chosen ones acting like Gestapo officers. Unjust or outrageous behaviour by the guru is passed off as what is needed to help the followers grow (how kind). These are the dangerous gurus who have often severely damaged their students. A real master respects your will even if he or she understands that your particular decisions may not be in your interest, and he or she will act accountably to an ethical code of conduct.

4.Focuses on enlightenment itself rather than teaching the path leading to it: It is amazing how much false gurus have to say about enlightenment. They argue their points in the same way that the scholars in the middle ages argued how many angels could sit on the head of a pin. Any fool can talk about the end goal because what is said is irrefutable to most of your listeners. What is skillful is guiding those listeners to having awakening within themselves. The real teacher focuses on the path and strictly avoids any talk on enlightenment.

5.Takes the credit for a particular meditative or healing technique: The fact is that meditation and guided visualisation work. Anyone doing them will experience major changes, benefits and realizations. The false guru will try to own or trademark particular methods and techniques so that she has something unique to attract followers. And she will hijack the effects of meditation as the guru’s blessing rather than each individuals natural potential. Often the students or followers are forbidden from divulging the techniques to maintain a sort of intellectual property right, usually under the guise of needing the technique to be taught correctly.

6.Encourages or permits adoration from his followers: Avoid any group that focuses on the “master” themselves rather than the teachings or spiritual practices. This will be a hindrance to your self-realisation for your focus will be drawn outside of yourself, and usually indicates that there is not a lot more on offer than guru worship.

7.Presents himself or herself overly fashionably and glamorously: Beware of masters who present glamour photographs of themselves and dress overly fashionably (whilst proclaiming that they have no ego and leading ego-death retreats). Yes it does happen!
Demands love and devotion from their students: Keep clear of any master who demands love and devotion. One very well known Western guru stated, “Anyone who loves me is guaranteed enlightenment”! Real love and devotion is earned over time when we begin to really know the whole person and not their public image.

8.Runs expensive miracle workshops and courses: You are unlikely to reach enlightenment after a few weekend workshops with cheesy titles. In our society of “must have now”, we want to be able to purchase spiritual development with minimal fuss. Also, avoid meaningless accreditation — it is often used merely to encourage followers to do more courses.

9.Flatters you and treats you as very special: Sure we are all special in some ways, but this is one of the things that a false guru may do to hook a potential follower or to get a current follower to do a particular task. Nothing can be more intoxicating to the ego than to be selected by the master or leader (or any high profile person). A real master will stand back and allow you to make your decision whether to accept his or her teachings without trying to influence the process.

10.Talks bollocks: It is surprising what a person will listen to when he or she is devoted to the speaker. It is always a good idea to get hold of a written transcript of what has been said and really read the message. Then tell an open-minded friend who is not a follower what their opinion is purely on the strength of the words. You will soon find out whether there is any real substance to the teacher’s message, or whether you are merely being drawn in by the charisma of the messenger.

11.Overly relies on slick presentation: Slick presentation can often mask poor content, and so it is important for you to look past the lovely music and video shows at the actual message. The slicker the presentation, the harder it is to see what exactly the teaching is.

12.Gives him or herself outrageous titles: Not satisfied by being “merely” an enlightened being, many false gurus give themselves titles (or allow their followers to do so) to indicate that they are literally God-Incarnate, the reincarnation of the Buddha or Christ, or THE chosen one. Some continually change their names, to keep pace with their burgeoning egos.

13.Makes false claims of lineage: Many mistakenly believe that realisation can only happen under the guidance of a realized master. In this belief system, gurus are only authentic when they come from a line or lineage of realized gurus. Desperate not to be left out, some gurus claim a false lineage of enlightened masters to bolster their authority to teach. Another pseudo form of “lineage” is to recount a miracle that once happened to them (maybe they cured themselves of some disease or God spoke to them personally) which infers that they are “chosen” and therefore have the authority to set themselves up as teachers and gurus.

14.Presents themselves as non-profit whilst raking in the cash: Often, the false prophet will present her teachings for free, whilst strongly encouraging her devotees to make large donations. In this way she can appear above money considerations, whilst maintaining her greed and opulence.

Political Correctness Is Censorship


political-correctness-voltaireThe D.C. Clothesline – by Joshua T Caldwell

So you say that I offended you. I say that is impossible. I cannot offend you. Being offended is something that happens in your head, and I have no control over that. I can push you, I can strike you, I can do all sorts of things that will injure you, but I cannot offend you.

I will go further and state that your declaration that you have been offended is cowardice or at the very least weakness on your part. Cowardice in that you do not have any logical retort to counter whatever statement I made to offend you. You are surrendering your side of a disagreement. You claim to be offended as a shield to hide behind, and I am calling you out as a coward. If you think I am wrong, or you think I am mislead, then use your words as a rational being would, and tell me why I am wrong. Do not throw up the “offended” flag and expect that your claim of offense has ended the conversation. I am telling you that ending the conversation by becoming offended is your admission of the weakness of your argument.

For many years, people who had no logical point to make have shut down discussion under the guise that someone taking offense to a topic or idea was in some magical way a reason to stop talking. This is nonsensical. This is the core of modern censorship and I am appalled by it. There is zero reason that any idea no matter who it offends should be censored. That is exactly what we have done. You can’t talk about race or religion or politics because someone might be offended. I say to you now, and I will echo these thoughts for decades to come, that the person who is offended is the problem, and they need to sort it out. If my religious beliefs offend you, then you have a problem not me. There is no logical reason for me to be censored, either by my own self-imposed will to not offend, or by group or government pressure to respect you imaginary right to live free from offense. If my political views offend you, then, under what thinking man’s banner can you possibly expect to shut down my opinion? In reality the offense lives in your brain not in my speech. If I am offended by your conduct or speech, do I have the right to stop you, just because I clam an offense, when we know that the only place offense lives in inside of my skull. The only logical answer to that question is no.

What is worse still is that offense is not an equal quantity. Some people can be offended and others cannot. People who are of the majority opinion cannot be offended. That is actually not true, the majority can be offended, but nobody cares. It is the people in the minority who cannot be offended. It is as if some difference in the quality of the human who is offended, not a difference in the opinion or point of view. Our founding fathers were brilliant men. They anticipated the bullying of the majority by groups of the “oppressed.” The author of Animal Farm, George Orwell also predicted this special treatment for any group or individual who will claim to be offended.

I for one will not stand for this societal tyranny. I will not abide by these false rules. I will not be censored. If my speech offends you, I don’t care, that is your problem. I encourage each and every person who reads this article to make it your mission to go an offend someone and then explain why the problem is all in their head.

America represents freedom. That freedom used to extend to the arena of political, religious, and any other sort of speech. We used to be allowed to criticize and disagree. We used to be able to sort out our differences without some crying that they were offended. As long as we allow the offended to shut down conversations, we will never be a free country again. At some point I will eventually become enraged enough to run for Congress, until then keep an eye out for my future articles.

It’s exactly what I’ve been saying and thinking ever since the beginning of politically correct speach was introduced to us through the media. Cowards!

20 Years Today

I began this journey as  professional piercer. 20 years ago today I chose to go on a path that would allow me to cultivate and share my creativity and self-expression.

20 years ago today I had no idea that I would have done what I love for so long but that is the beauty of being immersed in the journey, I’m not looking for the destination, just loving the ride!

I thank everyone who has been a part of this amazing trip and for all the trust my clients have given me, without you I am nothing.

I can say now that I will continue to work in this profession til my last day.

This hasn’t nor will it ever be my job,…..This is my life!




From my personal collection. Dotwork drawing for inspiration,celebration and love.

”To pass through a day and fail to recognize being grateful for what you have is failure – failure to appreciate the gifts that are right there in front of you”

There is so much we take for granted, so much we think we need or want but there is nothing more important than finding the truth in you, the truth in others and celebrating the unimaginable! that we are all one. When what you wanted so bad disappears, as it it will, there is nothing but the imprint of what once was, so hold on and cherish what you love. Hold on to what gives you strength,joy,clarity, that intense need to scream and tell everyone, I FUCKING LOVE YOU MAN!  and share that as much as you can, because it is in the sharing that the true essence of what you hold dear can grow and reach those that remain stale.

I will not forget any longer that we are all in it together, whether it be for a moment or for decades, I want to be with the true beauty of who and what you are, not the idea of who you’ve been mislead to think you are, you dig?



Makes ya Think….

I really wanted to share this article by Sigmund Fraud. Kudos!

The Tyranny of Convenience

February 26, 2013 | By  | Reply

Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
Waking Times 

Our lives are ridiculously convenient in this day and age, and much of the consumer economy seems to be directed at making life ‘easier’ still. It seems that the more convenient life becomes, the more need there is for more convenience. Anything is possible in this technological age and if it can’t be afforded, then convenient credit can make it happen. There is no reason to wait for anything.

Just like an addict, the modern convenience seeker is rarely aware of the damage that the need to feed the need is causing.

The pursuit of convenience is big business and over the last 60-75 years we have experienced a profound cultural shift towards disposable consumerism. We’ve been sold the idea that life must be easy, and that the mundane things in life are to be rushed or delegated so that more time is available for enjoying ourselves. For several generations now our culture has been programmed to place an overly high value on convenience, and the flip side of this is that we have grown to loathe inconvenience to such a degree that we now perceive even slight delays in the delivery of convenience as inconveniences.

Who has time for anything to go wrong in our world today?

Our addiction to this complex lifestyle, requiring ever-compounded convenience, is one of the subtlest and most addictive tyrannies of the modern age.

The word tyranny conjures up images of Uncle Joe Stalin, Chairman Mao and the Berlin Wall, however, taking a closer look at human behavior reveals that our lives are regimented more so by our own habits and preferences than by any outside entity. The limitations we place on ourselves, that prevent us from living proper and powerful lives, do as much to tyrannize our hearts and minds than any dictatorial edict, and the human race has never been more easily controlled.

‘Those who would trade freedom for convenience, deserve neither freedom, nor security, and will end up with inconvenience.” – Sigmund Fraud

It is in the routinely carried out behaviors of our daily lives, in our rigid habits, in the patterns bubbling just under the surface of our psyches, that we give up our freedom. This is where we are most taken advantage of and most held captive. This is where our true identity is hijacked and where we are programmed to live in pursuit of phoney consumeristic ideals such as convenience.

Are we just robots running programs? Are we merely slaves programmed to perform certain duties in exchange for a comfortable system of punishment and reward?

In interesting times as these, with such complex and dangerous problems facing all of us, and when the bulk of society seems content to live behind the iron curtain of cognitive dissonance, freeing ourselves from the habits and cultural conventions that keep us enslaved is imperative.

The freedom to purchase a service and do business with someone without having to automatically also comply with physical molestation by a third party is a simple, obvious right that we are trading away for the convenience of flying. Yet so many people consent to being groped and to watching their children being groped by strangers in TSA uniforms just to travel recreationally.

We also wish to avoid the inconvenience of being hassled, sequestered, detained, interrogated, fined, arrested, tazed, or shot by an increasingly authoritarian government. Yet, no one is forcing us to fly under these conditions, and the fact that so many people show up without protest is a broad public statement of consent to being molested. A mandate, if you will.

In many ways, convenience is a more insidious and practical tool for tyranny than the barrel of a gun. Our modern banking system is perhaps the most dastardly and subtle form of tyranny know to man, as it is so large in scope that it affects almost everyone on the planet.

Even a rudimentary understanding of central banking reveals how it capitalizes on our desire for convenience in order to ensnare the planet in a web of debt. They conveniently print up as much money as the world needs and we consent to owing exponentially increasing, mathematically un-payable sums of money to a private corporation for the rest of eternity. It is convenient now, but rather costly in the long run.

We do this not out of fear for our lives, but for want of convenience and for fear of inconvenience. We have been programmed to ignore our own best interests in order to remain un-hassled by our complex lives.

It turns out that the problem is not that they are selling us tyranny, but that we have already bought into what they sold us. We are too far hooked on the promising idea of convenience to turn back now. We are slaves to our own habits and desires. We are tyrannized by convenience.

About the Author

Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he pursues the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.

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