Knee progression….

It’s been three weeks since I began using St.Johns wort oil to treat my swollen knee and I must report that I have seen a significant reduction in swelling and pain. Granted, had I just gone to the doctor to have it drained it would have been much quicker but I’m always up for trying new things and especially when they are natural.

It is not the best picture but my knee has almost completely returned to normal. I think eventually I will still need to have surgery at some point down the road but at least I was able to treat the fluid build up without seeing a doctor.



Palm -round two

Just over three weeks ago I had my palm tattooed and after it healed a lot of the ink fell out as expected. I’ve had my other palm tattooed over a year ago and it all stayed in needing only minimal touch ups. Last night I had another session done to make it more solid and I’ll try to avoid highfiving for a few days to help it heal.

On another note, this is my 600th post!!!!



2nd Black Sleeve…..

We got started on re-blacking my black arm last night. A fun three hour session with the sweetness of a 25 magnum. Oddly enough I’m not even close to as swollen as I was 10 years ago when I first did my arm black, this time I waited until it got colder out rather than in mid july.

Bloody saran wrap after a quick smoke break and now a pic of David’s finger that was burned from the heat of his machine from pushing that 25 mag for three hours.

I have been slacking on keeping up with this blog, been needing time to get things organized so for anyone interested in following this blog, well I’ll be posting a little less often for the time being and should be back on a regular posting marathon in the near future. On that note I have returned to Facebook, yes I know how I’ve sworn against it but truth is I am able to remain more connected to those that I need to keep in touch with.

Be back soon…….