About Azl

I am a custom Dot-work Ornamental and Geometric tattooist
specializing  in mandalas mixed with geometric patterns and sacred geometry and large concept blackwork abstract.

I strive to design my works to flow and compliment the movement of the body in as natural way as possible. 
Quick History, I was apprenticed under Dave Price back in 93/94  whilst I was a piercer and body modification practioner. It wasn’t until 2012 that I made the decision to retire from body modification and pursue my first passion- Tattooing.

Over the past ten years  (seventeen of those with MTL Tattoo) I have been focused solely on honing my style and perfecting my technique to make my tattooing worthy of being chosen for your skin.

My book opens three times a year (JAN-MAY-SEPTEMBER) info on bookings are posted on the home page and my Instagram page one week before My book opens.

I am grateful to share my passion with so many trusting and open minds who allow me to express myself through my art. Thank You!


INSTAGRAM   @azlmtl



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