Where it All Happened..

What an awe inspiring and uplifting place to be.

Every moment that I spent outside the venue left me feeling small and humbled in such a profound way, there is nothing better that seeing as far as the eye can see mountains or ocean but in this case mountains, and , feeling so present to a power that is much bigger than you. Nothing but a moment to stop!,listen and be. So nice and I am grateful for these moments, that I can see them and that I have access to all my senses that make these moments so serene yet hard to describe, just pure beauty, bigness smallness and all that in between.

I suppose the word magic may surmise because this is what could literally describe what I am trying to convey;, magic. Just moments of being still and grateful and how easy it is to be in the presence of something bigger than you and not be intimated.

I see the mountains as wise and accommodating elders that ultimately are masters of stillness, listening and just being and no more, so simple.

I wish I could truly express what I have felt in the presence of so many great inspirations of my life but I have always found it difficult to translate my warming experiences and inspirations into words and that in some way is what I am trying to convey here. Mountains, trees,the ocean, breathing, everything has a language we all understand and I will continue to be grateful for the beautiful everything that is around me that somehow this western culture seems to try to persuade me away from.

Why? Don’t understand but we all know it, feel it, breathe it and seek more of it so I know I will continue to dedicate more and more to being with what is already there to teach me and let any of these modern distractions fade away more than I already have.

There is no point to having a voracious appetite if it gives you bad digestion.

Thank you Vancouver. It was real!


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