Highly Energetic Marathon…..

Thank you to everyone that came and got tattooed for our flash day marathon event that lasted 20 hours straight!!! 

Great energy and fun times and awesome clients made for a successful day. They braved the cold morning waiting patiently in line hours before we opened at 8am and to our last clients that were tattooed until 5:30am the next morning – thank you!!

Never thought I would tattoo for 20 hours straight but I am so glad to have been a part of this exerience, the energy of the constant buzzing of tattoo machines to the cool designs that were chosen to be inked, the amazing donuts from Trou de Beigne which in my mind are the best I have ever tasted!!!

Thank you Pascale and Yannie for your support and all the crew at MTL tattoo who made this possible.

On a not so good note the only uncool thing happened is that one of my mandalas seen in the tpo left corner of my flash sheet seems to have been stolen at some point and Iwas looking forward to tattooing that.

If seen tattooed there will be a shitstorm to follow as I have the original design and will be tattooing this one very soon so word to the wise – whoever took it enjoy it on your fridge or wall but be cool and do not have it tattooed !!! Fucker!

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