It’s a new year and I am changing the way I handle booking my agenda.

I am opening my book on February the 28th from 11am to 7pm for project submissions.

I will be booking for April thru to July only then closing my book again until mid summer 2017.

There are two ways to go about this, you can either send an email to ( or visit in person to pick up a project submission form.

You will be contacted by either myself or staff at MTL Tattoo to confirm your project has been reviewed and accepted at which point you will need to begin the process by leaving a deposit either directly in shop or via paypal. Deposit’s are non refundable and must be made to begin your project.

I will only be accepting requests during that time period 

I am no longer booking consultations until I have reviewed and accepted a particular project however I may contact you directly for a consultation in some circumstances if I need more details for your project.

Designs will be shown the day of the tattoo appointment with the exception of if I need to clarify certain design elements. Designs will not be finished versions rather line work drawing only as this allows more freedom to stay creative during the tattoo process.

 Designs will under no circumstances be sent by email or other means. If  on the day of your appointment in the off chance that the design does not work for you I can modify it on the spot or if need be reschedule for another timeslot to rework the project to your liking.

 If a project is not accepted it is either because I have already filled my book or that your project is not in alignment with my tattooing style at which point I can redirect you to an artist that would better suit your request.

I am fortunate enough to receive many tattoo requests and unfortunately I cannot do them all so I am dedicating my time to projects that exmplify my style and vision.

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