Cigar Passion….

Outside of Tattooing one of my passions is Cigars. Collecting them, aging them in my humidor, pairing them with a nice scotch,rum,tequila and of course smoking them.

Once in awhile I come across a fake and as this picture easily illustrates the difference between a real Cohiba (band on the right from a previous cigar I smoked) and the fake on the left.

Looking closely there are several things wrong with the band on the left,

1, Hologram in lady head is missing

2, Hologram on top and botton gold band are missing

3, Quality of the labeling and word Cohiba is distorted and badly printed

4,The font  that reads ” Habana, Cuba” is thinner than the bolder font found on the real Cohiba label.

Just a few sure tell tales that this is a fake, the cigar itself isn’t that bad and is smokeable which I will do in a few weeks after it is in a healthier condition to smoke, too dry at the moment but this is not a Cohiba.

Just a few pointers to avoid being scammed when buying a cigar.

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