Funny How What I was Thinking…..

Only seems to be a constant conversation or chatter that distracts from the perspective of just being.

The present moment is all that matters and it is funny when you take the time to listen, really listen , a clarity appears in a way that I am not able to describe in words – it just has to be experienced! 

Much love and in the beautiful words of the Tragically Hip – let’s get friendship right!!!!

This is borrowed from a insightful webpage that I feel visiting will arouse and stimulate something in you, much love and peace!!

The website is ZENTHINKING and after reading many posts I feel like I can identify with with the direction of this kind soul!

Memes and paragraphs with positive words can be very overlooked, especially when you are only looking to be entertained. 

Mirrors come in many shapes and forms and pretty much always reflect what is presented, thing is, how long do you or we or myself ignore???

Thanks for looking! 

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