Not cool…

Recently came across something that literally just pissed me off! 

I work hard at designing my tattoos for my clients and I really pay attention to designs I’ve previously made and what’s out there in internetland so that I can continue to create something original albeit gaining borrowed influence to further increase inspiration while  retaining a flow of creativity to not copy what I’ve been influenced by. With that said, when I came across a tattoo that I did almost a year ago that is a blatant RIPOFF! minus a few details  well how would any other artist feel? I mean come on, completely copying a tattoo is just not fucking cool.

Seems to me there is a real lack of etiquette amongst the new generation of tattooers and coming from a background of over twenty five years in and around this beautiful profession- it really sucks to see parasites still just taking without regard. 

In these pictures you will see the tattoo I did last year on the left and the blatant ripoff on the right done at BURNINK, kind of appropriate in a cynical way don’t ya think? Just want to say to BURNINK, .. FUCK YOU!!! Create your own work, don’t steal mine!


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