2nd anniversary memorial tattooathon

This Thursday November 13th marks the 2nd anniversary of the passing of a truly inspirational and soulful artist who was known as Manwoman.

I am participating again this year in a tattoo marathon of sorts offering free swastika tattoos between 12pm and 5pm on a first come first serve basis.
This is a tribute to a symbol and the man who dedicated his life to the swastika to bring back a sacred symbol that only represents the pure bliss of love, light, luck and life and in NO WAY encourages negativity or segregation.
This symbol was stolen and the true meaning of what it represents is what is important to reinstate.

The swastika is the heart symbol of Buddha, let not the evil of one sad period in our history tarnish the purity of something that has been sacred for many people’s around the world.
And to those that keep a closed mind, perhaps you should travel more and see the world as you would then discover what the swastika has meant and continues to represent other than what Hollywood and opinions passed on through media would have you believe.