From my personal collection. Dotwork drawing for inspiration,celebration and love.

”To pass through a day and fail to recognize being grateful for what you have is failure – failure to appreciate the gifts that are right there in front of you”

There is so much we take for granted, so much we think we need or want but there is nothing more important than finding the truth in you, the truth in others and celebrating the unimaginable! that we are all one. When what you wanted so bad disappears, as it it will, there is nothing but the imprint of what once was, so hold on and cherish what you love. Hold on to what gives you strength,joy,clarity, that intense need to scream and tell everyone, I FUCKING LOVE YOU MAN!  and share that as much as you can, because it is in the sharing that the true essence of what you hold dear can grow and reach those that remain stale.

I will not forget any longer that we are all in it together, whether it be for a moment or for decades, I want to be with the true beauty of who and what you are, not the idea of who you’ve been mislead to think you are, you dig?



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