Lobe Scalpelling 26mm

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a really great person and sincere piercer who came to me to have her lobes scalpelled. She was initially at 22mm and wanted to go as big as possible without stressing the tissue. Considering the multiple piercings along the helix of her ear , which I had to remove a few of the rings to lessen the stress against them once the tunnel was in place, I realistically expected to cut them to 26mm and that is what I ended up installing.

When I scalpel lobes I’m not going to just cut and see what happens, there is a method of planning and execution that results in a well placed scalpelling and my main concern is not just how big I can push it, but more to eliminate the most amount of stress and allow for an easier healing. Now it might not seem that big 22mm to 26mm but I assure you when you stretch out that tissue and measure it by diameter , it’s a big stretch and the skin will show that.

Anyways, this is what I had the pleasure of doing and who I had the pleasure of working with tonight.

Cheers and thanks for looking.




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