3 Years Later and….

100_7795This poor dermal had to be removed. As you can clearly see in this picture the foot of the post is going titanic and needs to be taken out. I did these just over three years ago. She had mentioned that her hairstylist had accidentally caught it while cutting and styling her hair but it was already on its way out, unfortunate – yes! at least the other one is healthy and well seasoned.

On another note for long term care of pretty much any piercing it is important that all piercings are regularly maintained to keep them free of the  natural build up of dead skin, dirt  and oils that collect in the pocket , if not the build up will ultimately cause an irritation and possible infection. This is usually the case with most dermal that I’ve had to remove, not particularly in this case but in general I always find an excess of built up crud that is definitely not helpful to any piercing. At least on a weekly basis for the duration you keep a piercing, a good gentle massage around the the piercing while showering is helpful to keep the piercing drained and free of build up residue.

Hopefully somewhere down the line in several months I’ll be lucky to have the skin intact enough to withstand being re-pierced, fingers crossed.

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