Borneo Ampallang tool

This is a really unique and innovative piercing tool from Borneo. This tool is used to pierce an Ampallang, which for those who don’t know what that is, it is a piercing that runs horizontally through the glans of the penis ( the head).

The penis is placed in between the long ends with the hole which acts like a pair of forceps and is lined up for jewelry placement. A wooden needle is then inserted through the hole and pulled through leaving a wooden or bone taper like in the penis.

A very similar technique is that of a cannula needle which is commonly used all over Europe. The difference with a cannula needle is that once the initial piercing is made, the needle is withdrawn from the plastic sheath which is left in the new hole to allow jewelry insertion. I’ve experimented with these needles in the past and do not find them better than the ones I’ve used for the past 18 years. I find they cause more discomfort and they do not work well in cartilidge piercings, but hey that’s my opinion.

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