Traditionally extreme and professional


All BODY PIERCINGSgenital and traditional, DERMAL PUNCH, Scalpel procedure and Stretch, DERMAL ANCHOR-(MICRODERMALS) and all SURFACE TO SURFACE, SCARIFICATION-( very fine line and subtle definition to extreme bold line skin removal), LOBE RE-CONSTRUCTION and REPAIR, GENITAL BEADING (aka)-pearling, for both male and female, PLAY PIERCING demos and house calls, TONGUE SPLITTING and FRENULUM REMOVAL (ligament under the tongue)

*****I will very soon be tattooing full-time at MTL TATTOO and only offering the above mentioned services by Appointment only a few days a month. I want to concentrate my time to tattooing.

I am 100% concentrated on Dotwork tattooing,Mandalas, solid and big Blackwork and tripped out dizzying patterns.*****

DO NOT MESSAGE ME WITH PRICE QUOTES!,I DISCOURAGE PRICE SHOPPING OVER THE INTERNET AND WILL NOT ANSWER MESSAGES ASKING FOR PRICES. I have 20 years professional experience performing piercings and scarification and related modifications.

I have many certifications for the successful completion of many BLOOD-BORNE PATHOGEN and STERILIZATION courses PROVIDED BY HEALTH EDUCATORS INC.-( references available upon request) I have extensive portfolios and am always open to your ideas and requests for body-modification enhancements.

WHERE I DO IT;   TATOOATOUAGE which is now known as MTL TATTOO To make an appointment for a consultation or to get work done, drop by the studio from monday to saturday or call (514) 848-9767 

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