Mtl Tattoo in the nations capital

For the 3rd annual Ottawa tattoo convention. I had a great time with the crew at the convention and seeing some old friends. Overall the vibe was really chill and stress free.  To top off our Saturday night, we all took a dance with Lady Luck and won at the casino just in time for last call.

Shamus workin’  his old school magic. Travis was there too but must have been off to get more poutine between appointments.

Quick photo with Erik and my buddy Roonui just before Lizardmans sideshow performance which was some fun early afternoon entertainment.

Mr. Barry Buteau , owner of Planet Ink and the man responsible for the beautiful tattooing in the 3D wings scarification collaboration piece I did several years ago.

Had to get a shot of the convention ceiling, makes me think of a roll of cinema film.

This is by far hands down the nicest looking booth I’ve ever seen at a convention, Seven Crowns Tattoo…YOU ROCK!!! I love the Tesla painting and overall homage to Tesla.

End of day two, off to the CASINO to pay for our bar tab!

The smile of a winner.

This is what tattoo artist`’s look like at 6m after a long day of tattooing, late night gambling and power drinking til there’s no more booze.

On our way for dinner than headed home. Picture cause I like architecture and that fence is way cool.

Au revoir Ottawa.

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