Pierce & stretch technique results

When I pierce ears to install flesh tunnels my technique is pierce at 10g, stretch to 8g,  pierce at 8g – stretch to 6g etc etc;

The main reason I do this is to allow the skin to retain it’s elasticity so if and when someone chooses to remove their jewelry the skin can shrink back down without leaving a big visible hole. Below is proof of how well that technique works.

My client was initially pierced at 10g and immediately stretched to 8g. Over a period of a year he stretched his ears to 0g and shortly after had to remove them for work. Within a few weeks his holes shrank down to almost 12g and looked as if he never really stretched them at all.

I get asked all the time,” what size can I stretch up too before they won’t come back to normal”  in all honesty, it depends on the initial technique used, the amount of time in between stretches and the elasticity of each persons skin.

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