All I’ve ever needed to find interesting truths and insight that open my eyes to when I’m not seeing what is right in front of me.

Sleep when you’re dead,…………Live while you’re alive and don’t believe just because.

They are 3 keys that will allow you to see past any illusion.

Just got a little inspired and wanted to share cause in the end we’re not that different and we all want the same thing…love,  justice and freedom, well that begins my friends with our minds.


I know , so cliche but if you really see it and hear it, you may begin to discover that within every conversation, every circumstance you find yourself involved in, you subconsciously empower these instinctual keys that begin their process of justification and in some moment during that process whether you are aware of it or not you become awakened, very cool in many ways I agree. There is such a rush in discovering truths or insights that some times are just too hard to ignore yet so hard to explain when you’re in it but I’m doing my best.

My intention is not to lecture , just to share my wandering mind and inspired thoughts that have guided me so well for many years.

Peace All

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