Day Off With Tahiti Tattoo……

Spent my day off visiting my good friends ROONUI and LINDA who run TAHITI TATTOO  in old longueuil. If you don’t know him already  I will tell you that this man is a legend in the tattoo world and the real deal in authentic Polynesian Tattooing.

 I was honoured with an extraordinary gift, a set of traditional ”Tatau” tools for hand tattooing. The needle on the liner tool is made from a pigs tooth and as soon as I find some time to sit down and give it a try I will tap some new ink into my skin using this tool. Obviously it will not be used again except on  myself as it cannot be sterilized.  I still have to learn how to correctly make the other shader which Roonui asked me to make myself, so I will be working on that until I get it right. I’ll post some pic’s of my self made tattoo as soon as I do it, most likely in the next week as I am anxious to try it out.

About a year ago I scalpelled Roonui’s ears so he could stretch them to a size to fit his traditional custom carved TIKI plugs and now I finally have a photo to show some culture!

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