Fail, Hand Dermal Anchor…….

Before I do this piercing I always inform the client of all the potential pitfalls and hazards this particular piercing placement will be subjected to and that it is a very difficult placement to heal successfully. She had this Dermal anchor for just over a year before it started to get irratated and eventually no treatment she tried was proving successful.  I hate to see piercings fail and to have to remove them but taking it out was the only choice at this point.

I believe she will have very minimal scarring but I am also positive that we will not be able to repierce it in the future. Be forewarned it is a very difficult placement to heal as the piercing is under considerable exposure to stress and bacteria.  Out of the several dozen or more hand dermal anchors I have done in the past three years, unfortunately most of them have to be removed a year or two later.

One thing to keep in mind with all Dermal anchor piercings is that once they heal they are ultimately a small pocket that needs to be drained at least once a month by massage and a little squeeze to remove the build up of dead skin and oils.  If you have a dermal anchor that is well healed and all of a sudden begins to swell up, form a red bump it is because of this build up and needs to be drained gently preferably after a 3 minute warm compress.

ALL PIERCING HOLES collect built up waste from the skin and most recognizable is the stinky white malodorus substance that is commonly know as ”EAR CHEESE” for those with stinky ear tunnels or septum piercings. With that said, here is one of the latest piercings I had to remove.

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