Chemtrails, poison In Our Skies…..

(The above photo was taken last week from my backyard)

Every day we are exposed to these poison chemtrails, these are NOT  natural!! I’ve found some informative articles explaining what they are made of and why they are being sprayed over us on a daily basis.



22 février 2011 22:33:00

(chemtrailsnorthnz) Chemtrails are trails of substances sprayed from devices attached on aircraft into the upper atmosphere and into the air we breathe. They differ from the condensation trails sometimes seen emanating from planes in a number of ways, including that they often linger in the sky for more than half-an-hour, and can fill an otherwise clear-blue sky with an unnatural-looking cloud cover within which the tell-tale signs of electromagnetic gravity waves emerge.

<a class=”wpGallery mceItem” title=”gallery2″ href=”; rel=”prettyPhotoChemtrails in a criss-cross pattern

While politicians typically tend to elude the issue of chemtrails or erroneously claim that they don’t exist, there’s a staggering amount of information available about them on the Internet to show that they do.  At the time of writing there were about 1,730,000 entries at Google under ‘chemtrail,’ videos from around the world, numerous official documents related to their use and a wide variety of opinions regarding what they are used for.  This article will focus on the latter.

According to the official line, the spraying of chemtrails into the atmosphere, which is referred to as geo-engineering by the mainstream media and academics, is being inflicted upon the planet to save us from “man-made global warming.”  As readers probably already are aware, this particular geoengineering Emperor does not have clothes, as “man-made global warming” has been exposed as a hoax, and repeatedly so.

So what is really going on?<a class=”wpGallery mceItem” title=”gallery2″ href=”; rel=”prettyPhoto

According to highly-respected researcher, Clifford E. Carnicom, who has worked in this field for over 12 years, and who insists on using the word aerosol, rather than chemtrail, those menacing lines in the sky have at least seven functions.  These are as follows: environmental modification and control, including weather control; biological operations; electromagnetic operations, including H.A.A.R.P., and cell towers; military applications; planetary and geophysical modification;  a global surveillance system, and to detect ionic disturbances from exotic propulsion systems.

For over four years now, Carnicom has focused on a syndrome believed to be caused by fibers which are being introduced into the environment via chemtrails.  He published a paper on the topic in June 2010, which went largely unnoticed, although its implications were immense. Titled Morgellons: The Extent of The Problem, it describes the prevalence of this disease and indicated that we may be at the dawn of a global health crisis.

A test called the Red Wine Spit test was given to volunteers, and all those who took part tested positive for the fibers, even though they did not manifest obvious “Morgellons” symptoms, such as the appearance of fibers growing under the skin.  Furthermore, he found that the cellular integrity of red blood cells is being damaged severely and the degree by which the blood is altered, corresponds with the number of filaments present in the body and skin.

The authorities have been informed of this and are turning a blind eye to it, so the ball is in our court Carnicom told Jeff Rense on the radio show in June 2010.

New World Order researcher, Freeman of The Freeman Perspective, said during the Truth Frequency radio show on August the 29th, he had identified two main functions for the chemtrail program on the basis of their main ingredients: aluminium and barium.  He suggests that with aluminium in your system, you become a receptor for the electromagnetic frequency devices being used, such as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, (H.A.A.R.P.) and the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association technology and if you breathe in barium, you’ll shine like a beacon on the X-band radar, making it easy for those using this technology to know when people gather.  In support of this theory, he said it was openly admitted during the first Gulf War that barium was being fed to the insurgents, (and one could see chemtrails were used to feed it to them), as this enabled them to be tracked.

He also contends chemtrails serve other functions, and suggests that when coupled with the electromagnetic frequency devices currently in operation, they bestow those in control of the technology “with the power of Gods.”  “They can bring on the end of the world, and make it appear so.  They can cause earthquakes, floods and all of these things,”  he warns.

According to American journalist and filmmaker, Michael J. Murphy, the chemtrail program could be an attempt to kill off anything that is natural and organic.   Murphy, with Paul Wittenberger and G. Edward Griffin recently completed a documentary about chemtrails, titled: What In The World Are They Spraying?. They did research for the film at Mount Shasta in California, where a group of concerned citizens has been closely monitoring environmental changes attributable to chemtrails over the last 4-5 years and evidence shows the area is heading for eco-collapse. The snow at Mount Shasta had 61,100 parts per billion (ppb) of aluminium in it, when it should have been at a level of about 7 ppb and there is so much metal falling over the forests, that the soil pH has changed from acidic to neutral and the trees are dying.

Furthermore, in only four years, salmon spawning has crashed in a local tributary at Mount Shasta from 160,000 to 8,000, about 80% of amphibious species have died off and the potato harvest has declined by 80%.   Learn more.

Murphy, who runs the TruthMediaProductions website, believes it’s more than a coincidence that genetically-modified aluminium-resistant seeds have been developed by Monsanto.  He suggests that the environment is being poisoned deliberately to enable corporations to make money and gain more control over the world’s food supply.

Whistleblower, Dr Bill Deagle, a medical doctor who worked for the New World Order, who currently captains the website, refers to geoengineering as, “Aerosol Armageddon.”  He said during his radio show in 2010 on January the 5th that the aerosolation of the earth is to geoengineer the climate so it can’t support life.  “They have turned the atmosphere into a plasma, so they can pump and drive frequencies that can affect life forms, thought patterns, biological systems on the ground level and even use it as a weapon to kill people, [and] change people’s ability to function.  This is very nasty and people need to understand that the atmosphere of the earth has been turned into a weapon against the planet,” he said.

A decade ago, Scott Stevens of Weatherwars.Info, who while working as a TV weatherman, began investigating Lt. Col. Tom Bearden’s claim that North America was being subjected to full time weather modification. During his investigation, he found that chemtrails were being used to map the sky of electromagnetic energy signatures.  On his website, which has an array of photographs of cloud matter associated with weather modification technology, he states:End the electrical intervention end the Western drought. It truly is that simple.”

Is it a coincidence that droughts have been wiping out crops around the world and Henry Kissinger, a top advisor to the so-called elite, indicated in his paper NSSM 200,  that famine could be used as a weapon against populations?

Andrew Bridgman, the head of the Southern California Office of the Agriculture Defense Coalition, like Carnicom, hastily shuns the use of the term chemtrail.  “It’s an antiquated label for geo-engineering, which is about weather modification,” he asserts, adding that it is important to use the same terminology as academics, politicians and the media, in order to be effective in engaging them.

“So does this scare you that people want to mess with the Earth as a whole? It should, because the compounds being presented for geo-engineering, such as sulfates are used, yet they never discuss the others, in particular, the use of aluminum,” he offers.  The obfuscation they engage in and the false claims the top geo-engineers make, are indicators they have something highly questionable to hide he says.  For instance, Professor Alan Robock claimed recently that there is no way to get the aerosols into the stratosphere.  “All you need do is watch planes spraying particulates into the atmosphere to know Robock is lying,” says Bridgman. Similarly, Professor David Keith said during a conference in February: “We haven’t done anything serious [research-wise] on aluminium, so there could be something terrible that we will find tomorrow that we haven’t we looked at.” Again, there is evidence to show that the research has been done.

What alarms Bridgman most is that there is no regulation of this activity.  The door is unlocked for anybody to go up in a plane and dump whatever they want to, while governmental systems have been designed not to respond to geo-engineering issues. “Geo-engineering is not regulated and it must be, now!,” he says.

As governments have turned a blind eye to this crime against nature and humanity,
we the people need to take action.  We need to educate others and we must ensure
that this issue gets the media attention it deserves.  Fortunately, the October 22nd, 2010
release of What in The World Are They Spraying?, which the filmmakers produced in order to awaken the public up to this dire issue, could not have been better timed.  ARTICLE HERE

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