Scrapbook Memories…….

I was going through my scrapbook last night and found a ton of stuff I wanted to share here, so I’ll begin with some of the people I’ve known and admired over the years…..

The man himself – Mr. Lyle Tuttle. The big man in the tattoo world!

You all know who this is I’m sure but if not it’s none other than the former Jim Rose circus starEnigma, taken at the Toronto Northern Ink Exposure convention 1999. Next pic is with his former wife, total hottie, Katzen.

The year after that convention I finally had a chance to get a pic with my buds Blair and Lukas Zpira.

This is with Manwoman, a man dedicated to saving the Swastika and a really great positive guy, anyone still ignorant about the true meaning of the swastika should check out his website and inform yourself before resigning to what you think you know.

Next up  is with Kazu Oguri from Japan and one of his many famous bodysuits taken at the Blue Mountain Toronto tattoo convention in 1998.

Next is with an old collegue I worked with in Hamilton, Dave Price and seated is the man with the Huck Spalding backpiece famously seen on many a tattoo magazine back cover for decades, Bill ”Manatu”

Next is my all time favourite performance artist Mr. Ron Athey, I was really stoked when he came to Montreal to do a show and lecture for the ”Solar Anus” tour, great show.

Next  a couple of pic’s with Lukas Zpira who is the man who gave me my three teflon bead implant on my sternum which I will post in another update of the procedure. and ”CAT” both taken at MODCON 2 in Toronto.

Next update some pic’s of my first suspension as well as my implant procedure by Lukas .

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