Dermal Punched 2g Nostrils..

I have to say that not only was this procedure super fast but she took it better that any of the other work I’ve done on her. I dermal punched her nostrils at 5mm and immediately stretched them to 6mm, not a very big stretch but enough to feel a little bit of pressure and keep the bleeding to a bare minimum. The great thing about dermalled nostrils is that it’s not as permanent as most would believe. If she was to remove them in the future the holes would quickly begin to shrink down to normal. A few years ago I did a clients nostrils at 2g and stretched them to 0g, they healed well and approximately a year and a half later he removed them and suprisingly within a few months his nostrils were normal again, no joke!, the tissue completely reformed and there were no visible signs or scars that he ever had dermal punched them.

Also notice the healed Scalpelled labret at 00g with the custom white teflon plug.






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