Transdermal Implant; Chapter III

Last winter I did two Transdermal implants on a really great client of mine. The first implant went in without a hitch but I had some trouble with his skin on the second one and as I expected the second one began to reject a few months later and in one of my previous entries you can see the implant before and after the removal. This time I relocated the implant  behind his other one that healed perfectly and now he has two transdermals on the right side of his head.

I really like the  new placement and it was one of the smoothest procedures I have ever performed. I’m really stoked on the overall look of it and I’m positive it will have no problems during the healing process. I’ll have some pictures when it is healed in a few months.


In this photo you can see on his left side where the implant used to be.






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