Tattoo removal gone wrong….

I do not know the details of the exact techniques that were applied in the removal of her tattoo when my client had her tattoo removed by a doctor approximately 11 years ago, but I was stunned at the amount of scarring and have never seen a tattoo removal done that poorly.

Originally she wanted to tattoo over her scar but the density was too much and none of my coworkers felt they could tattoo it with any real success. I consulted with her on many ideas and images that could be cut into the scar to create a more defined cleaner image and ultimately hide or lessen the appearence of that mangled removal job.

I designed a lotus to fit over the scar and using the damaged skin to creat texture in the new design. Unfortunately I have not been able to get a healed photo of the outcome of my cover up/remake scarification but I did get a before and after shot of the procedure.



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