Transdermal Implants……

Here are some shots of a procedure I did awhile ago on a really good client of mine. This is a more extreme version of a dermal anchor with the difference being that these are implanted beneath the skin. To do this I first make an incision approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inches from the desired placement, then I begin several steps of elevating the tissue to make a pocket. Once the pocket is made where the jewelry will rest I make a small hole where the post will come through and then I place the jewelry into the newly made pocket so it aligns with the hole, remove any excess blood and finally suture the entry incision closed.

When I did this procedure I used two different techniques on each implant to make the exit hole. On the first one I used an 8g needle and gently ran it throught the pocket from the inside and out through the marked hole which actually worked just as good as the dermal punch method I used on the second implant. They both healed relatively easy with no complications other than bruising of the skin which lasted only a few weeks. To aid in the quick healing of the wounds and to diminish the entry point incisions from scarring to noticably my client used EMU OIL  daily for a month and a half. I will write more about the uses and greatness of this awesome natural product in a future post.






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