ETRE SUSPENDU (R.I.P.2000-2003)

For three years I operated a suspension group/project known as ”Etre Suspendu”. A dual translation basically meaning ”Being suspended/suspended being” which I found to be more than appropriate.  I personally performed 18 suspensions in many different positions for various lengths of time as well as suspending other willing participants looking to discover themselves in a new light. I learned alot about myself and my boundries of pain, fear, mind control and how I am not my Body!! I chose this way of confrontational meditation to not escape my self but to embrace myself on a deeper level. After 18 suspensions and a dozen more breath-work pullings, I found a strength in me beyond description and as best I could describe to you the power of that journey, I believe it is best that you observe my facial expression in the photos below to get a better idea.

I performed my final suspension to end ”Etre Suspendu” in 2003, the journey was complete and to go with more suspensions was pointless as I had achieved all that I possibly could and to continue would defeat the purpose of the project in the first place.

R.I.P -Etre Suspendu,2000-2003









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