Oral Modifications…………

Some tongue splittings and frenulum removals I’ve done in the past few years. The main reason I began to offer these services was because  I’d been approached by many clients wanting these procedures done. I didn’t want them or anyone seeking a body modification of this nature to go to a friend or amateur and end up in a life threatening prediciment so it only seemed wise that I offer a service with no bias and provide a safe, aseptic procedure with the assurance that my clients would get the result they were after with no danger to their over all health.

I believe it is our right to do want we want with our bodies and no collage, by-law, government bill or god has any right to say otherwise. I will not perform these procedures on every client that comes through our studio doors. I will start with a consultation to get a better understanding of the clients needs and to inform them of  the potential risks,(infection, regret,loss of girlfriend/boyfriend, healing time ….etcetera)

As much as I believe we have the right to what we want with our bodies I do not want to be involved with a client who cannot grasp the potential regrets of some of the procedures, the neccessary aftercare regimes or just wanting to hurt themselves. The only reason I even do what I do is to provide a safe place  for people to be self expressed and beautify themselves to their content.





The next picutre is a frenulum removal (web under the tongue) that a client wanted. He like many people believe that by cutting the frenulum it will make your tongue longer, like the old urban myth of Gene Simmons from Kiss. Well I can tell you that all it will do is allow a little more freedom of movement upwards but the length of the tongue will not change. The muscles of the tongue reach far back down the throat, the webbing has nothing to do with how short or longue the tongue is.

Don’t believe me, check out any anatomy book and you’ll see what I mean.


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