The Esscence of the Dermal Anchor Piercing….

 To begin my photo journal of body piercings-I have selected some images of various Dermal anchor piercings that I have done over the past year in some of the many placements that are increasingly popular.

 The Dermal anchor is also known as a Micro-dermal and is a relativly easy piercing to heal and to have done. All jewelry is made of high grade titanium and has a very low percentage of being rejected by the body. With proper attention given to placement ,these piercings are an attractive alternative to the surface bar piercing.

I have found that with choosing the least stressful point of skin, meaning less taut, the jewelry will rest in place without added pressure from the skin encouraging the chance of a successful healing. A common problem with incorrect placement using surface bars. The  pictures below were all taken after four weeks and more of healing and show no signs of rejection. These have become one of my favourite piercings to do mainly because I enjoy the challenge of working with the skin and getting the placement to fit with my client’s desire and I am really happy with the results I’m seeing so far.















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